Mercomm at the 2023 Boat Show with video on the Green logistic Valley

In its 63rd edition, the 2023 Boat Show returns to enliven Genoa with an event-filled event under the banner of boating.
Scheduled for Sept. 21 to 26, the event attracts international-level industry experts and visitors from all over the world, providing a global platform for institutional, technical and market comparison for the entire industry. The event, organized by Confindustria Nautica, is the Mediterranean’s first and the world’s third-largest industry fair.

This year we at Mercomm are present at the event with a video made by our staff, dedicated to the Green Logistic Valley project, which has the Polcevera Valley at its center, of which Spediporto is a promoter.
As part of the important Green Logistic Valley project, Mercomm staff has created an evocative video, the purpose of which is to take the user on a journey from the sea to the Third Pass construction site. The goal of this production is to bring to life a real-life vision of the ambitious Valpolcevera backport development project, created by Studio Sibilla for Spediporto.

Spediporto illustrated the project, at the Eberhard & Co. Theatre, with a panel discussion, held in collaboration with Salone Nautico, in which they will debate the project and the sustainability associated with an overall improvement in Genoa’s social fabric.

The panel was attended by distinguished guests such as Pier Paolo Giampellegrini, secretary general of the Region of Liguria; Maurizio Caviglia, secretary general of the Genoa Chamber of Commerce; Giovanna Dossena, chairwoman of Avm Gestioni sgr and Avm Associati spa; Lorenzo Cuocolo, president of Filse and professor of sustainable development law; and Alessandro Campagna, Commercial Director Boat Show.

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