For a special day, you need the right dress: Mercomm’s brand identity curation for Sanilog at the “Priority Health: the Supplementary Health Welfare of the Italian Logistics Supply Chain” conference

The conference “Health Priorities: the Supplementary Health Welfare of the Italian Logistics Supply Chain,” held at the prestigious Palazzo Doria Pamphilj on Nov. 9, marked a significant moment for Sanilog, the SSN Supplementary Health Fund for employees in the logistics, freight and shipping sector. This event, which celebrated Sanilog’s 12 years in business, was an opportunity to reflect on the growth and sharing of ideas within this important industry.

For this special day, where emotions and professionalism were intertwined, MeRcomm devoted passion and attention in taking care of the brand identity andsetting up the event for Sanilog.

From redefining the brand identity to creating a space entirely dedicated to Sanilog

MeRcomm’s work for Sanilog began with a reflection on the organization’s value pillars: reliability, innovation and commitment. These values guided the redefinition of Sanilog’s brand identity and the organization of the event. The brand’scoordinated image was transposed to physical spaces, creating an immersive experience for conference participants at Palazzo Doria Pamphilj. In addition, a 70-page informational booklet was produced chronicling Sanilog’s 12 years of existence, highlighting the organization’s values, ideas and future vision.

The conference on Supplementary Health Welfare was also enhanced through collaboration with our Online Newspaper, “LiguriaDay,” and the editorial staff of “Suite Romana.”

Distinguished personalities in support of health in the logistics sector

The conference was attended by prominent personalities, including Piero Lazzeri (President of Sanilog), Michele De Rose (Vice President of Sanilog), Valeria Contu (Secretary General of Sanilog), and key figures such as Francesco Zaffini (Chairman of the 10th Senate Committee on Labor and Health), Cesare Damiano (former Minister of Labor), Enrico Postacchini (President of Fondo Est), Giovanna Gigliotti (CEO of UniSalute SpA) and Giovanni Favero (CEO of Accapierre). The discussion, moderated by Sebastiano Barisoni (Sole 24 ore), emphasized the importance of a collaborative approach to promoting worker health. The conference concluded with remarks by the Hon. Edoardo Rixi, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, who highlighted the strategic importance of integrative welfare.

Carlo De Ruvo (President of Confetra) and trade union representatives such as Stefano Malorgio (FILT-CGIL), Salvatore Pellecchia (FIT-CISL) and Claudio Tarlazzi (UILTRASPORTI), as well as renowned immunologist Antonella Viola, also participated. In a humorous speech, Alberto Patrucco stressed the importance of psychological well-being.

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