From idea to established newspaper: Mercomm and the incredible adventure of

It has been one year since the birth of LiguriaDay newspaper, an online masthead created by Mercomm. So many challenges and news stories followed during these 360 days.

Challenges, constant work and many achievements. Only a year ago, Mercomm started its own editorial project , with the goal of creating a container of news and insights aimed at providing unbiased and constructive information. Thus the LiguriaDay newspaper, from an idea, has become in these 365 days an established reality composed of a brilliant and close-knit team.

Indeed, with the advent of digital, both communication and information require new skills and figures. From programmers to graphic designers to social media managers, who share news on major social networks, now an established extension of any site.

The editors themselves have also implemented new ways of working, writing their pieces with the Web in mind and thus resorting to the norms dictated by SEO to achieve better search engine rankings.

LiguriaDay: a year of milestones, a future to be written

After 23 years in business, Mercomm has fulfilled its dream of
realize a newspaper
. Project that, in just one year, has led to many achievements and satisfactions. Through it all, there was no shortage of challenges, but thanks to the strength of the communications agency team and editorial staff, they were met with determination.

While there have been countless changes from the time of print media, one commonality with the way the physical newsroom works remains constant. That is, passion and dedication in bringing to life articles aimed at informing readers.

In the LiguriaDay newspaper, in fact, we alternate between news stories related to the local area and in-depth coverage of many issues. The
newspaper created by Mercomm
thus wanted to distinguish itself by producing its own Magazine composed of countless inserts.

From tourism to business, from cooking to music, from books to fashion to theater. Lots of topics covered. These are also joined by animals, environmental sustainability and much more. There is also no shortage of news reports and video interviews to give voice to significant news and stories through images as well.

After its first birthday, celebrated last June 10, LiguriaDay looks to the future with even more enthusiasm and many projects in the pipeline.

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