Mercomm of new publisher: online newspaper is born

Hear, hear, madame and monsieur!

It is a big announcement that we are about to share with you today. Mercomm, for 20 years communications and advertising agency , has embarked on a big project and has become the publisher of anonline daily called

It all started with an idea and a series of considerations. Why not create a newspaper where we can tell the story of our region through unbiased and comparison-based information? 

In fact, we realized, as we looked around, that what-we felt-was missing in today’s news landscape (whether national or local) was healthy debate.

One that is constructive, not aimed at argument and discussion for its own sake, but at forming free thinking and finding possible solutions to concrete problems.

From this consideration came another. The one that blames this lack on a constructed and biased type of information. The same one that passes through the media every day.

So we decided to roll up our sleeves and make us the kind of information that was missing.

Embarking on this adventure it was not easy. The initial difficulties for a newly established online newspaper are indeed many. Beginning with the very bureaucratic part that precedes the founding of the journal itself. Without losing enthusiasm, however, we faced obstacles head-on and finally triumphed even over paperwork.

Today, Mercomm is no longer just a communications agency.

With also becomes the publisher of an online newspaper with which it provides a public service of clean and constructive information.

LiguriaDay is  online daily newspaper , where you can read news pertaining to politics, news, transportation, economy, sports, Covid emergency, culture and upcoming events in the region. 

Every day we publish news ranging in topics and categories. There is no shortage of in-depth articles on sensitive, spicy and topical issues, analyzing the pros and cons under every nuance. 

We have been born for just over a month, so we still have a lot to learn. But on the  our Facebook page , already followed by 1348 people, our readers leave us constructive comments that help us improve and grow every day. 

The road is definitely uphill, but at Mercomm as Editor – and at LiguriaDay as editorial staff – the challenge does not scare us!

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