Bonus Advertising: with Mercomm your communication is even more bonus

If you choose Mercomm as your communications agency for your advertising, in addition to the 50% 2020 Advertising Bonus, you will get additional discounts and facilities.

If you want to promote your business you need to focus on communication and you need to hurry because you are just in time to take advantage of the 2020Advertising Bonus .

Do you know what this is all about? These are funds made available by the Department of Information and Publishing designed for businesses, self-employed persons, and noncommercial entities that want to make advertising investments on:

  • Daily, periodical print and online press
  • Local television stations
  • Local and national radio stations not participated by the state

2020 Advertising Bonus: W the advertising and ʍ the taxes!

This tax credit is granted in the single measure of 50 percent of the value of investments made. This means that half of the investment you make in your advertising communication will be returned to you by the state.

So what are you waiting for to take advantage of the 2020 Advertising Bonus? To apply for it, an application must be submitted by Sept. 30 on the website of theInternal Revenue Service, specifying the budget to be spent by Dec. 31, 2020, possibly even less than planned.

To be sure to secure your bonus choose Mercomm Communication as your agency for your advertising in our newspaper
and all other newspapers, radio and television outlets.

What can Mercomm do for you?

Crafting an advertising campaign from A to Z:

  • Creativity
  • Graphics
  • Management of coordinated campaigns in all media that benefit from the bonus.

Hurry up and ask us for a quote to attach to the application to be submitted to the Internal Revenue Service and we will offer you our support.

Remember that you only have until September 30, 2020 to apply for the bonus.

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