2021: news for LiguriaDay, magazine coming soon

Liguria.Today inaugurates a new magazine. A novelty that comes with the start of the year, in the goal of opening the online newspaper to new issues.

Food, theater, tourism, fashion, infrastructure, environment. Many topics explored.

2021 begins under the banner of important news for LiguriaDay.
Online daily newspaper born in 2020.
, its goal has always been to offer readers constant updates on the region‘s events.

The publisher, Genovese communications agency Mercomm, started the portal as a reminder that Liguria is alive and on the move.

After 23 years in the world of communications and publishing, Mercomm thus created LiguriaDay to tell the story of the area. A constant update on the events that happen every day.

To open up to new contexts, Mercomm then decided to start the new year by also inaugurating a new LiguriaDay magazine . The goal? Entertain readers with stimulating and quality content.

There will be several issues involved, addressed by journalists collaborating in the creation of this new project.

LiguriaDay magazine: a bright and positive account of the area and beyond

online newspaper LiguriaDay thus inaugurates a new magazine
. Different themes will be covered, in the common goal of leading readers into different worlds and accompanying them into different suggestions.

From food to tourism, theater to fashion. And not only that. It will also cover infrastructure, environment, soccer, cultural itineraries, world news and much more.

Facts related to these issues at the Ligurian level will be told in the various sections . The goal is to tell a positive and bright narrative about the area. In addition, a look will also be taken at the surroundings to open the public to new contexts.

This is great news for the portal, made possible thanks to the contribution of information professionals. A project that gives birth to a new course, with the aim of offering all readers of Liguria.today’s magazine unique content and creating new in-depth formats.

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