E-commerce and digital marketing: look to the future with Mercomm

In the past few months, many businesses and stores have realized the importance of having a storefront on the Web. They understood how their online presence could be decisive in keeping their company active. And they decided to take advantage of the many benefits of an e-commerce site.

According to the latest SEO research, during the lockdown period, 52 percent of consumers–to comply with social distancing rules–used e-commerce sites to make purchases of all kinds. Therefore, it has become vital for companies to carry their business (also) on the Web.

The advantages of an e-commerce site are many:

  • You can buy what you want while sitting on the couch at home
  • The store is open 24 hours a day
  • You can choose from so many options without going around the whole store to find them
  • Payment at checkout is immediate and secure (there are no queues)
  • Delivery is to the home

With the arrival of warm weather and the end of the lockdown, stores have been able to raise their shutters again. Yet even today, online sales still remain important, both to make up for the losses of the quarantine period and to maintain an additional sales channel that is increasingly valued and used by customers.

Anti-Covid regulations, in fact, still greatly restrict shopping locally. Limited numbers of people on the premises, gloves for touching the goods, requirement for masks in enclosed areas, etc.

But if now that it is warm and the days are long and sunny, people like to go out and have no problem standing in line outside stores, what will happen in the fall?

This is the question we have been asking ourselves these days, walking the streets of our city. Today, waiting your turn in front of a store does not weigh you down because in the meantime you can smoke a cigarette, eat ice cream, make a phone call or chat with friends. But when the bad season comes, will it still be like this?

Will people still be willing to wait in line under an umbrella, lashing wind, cold and dark? Or, as soon as the season changes, will consumers look back to the web and take advantage of the benefits of an e-commerce site to meet their needs?

We at Mercomm Communications are ready. So that you will not be found unprepared for the change of season, we have already researched and designed a series of e-commerce tailor-made for all kinds of needs.

We create a customized e-commerce site for you, with order, inventory and shipping management capabilities, including returns management. Of course, we also offer all other integrated communication activities to better position your business and acquire new customers.

The Mercomm communications agency is constantly looking to the future. Not only that, he works to achieve it.

And you, are you ready to benefit from online sales through e-commerce?

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