Mercomm and shipping, communication takes off

At Mercomm we have 20 years of experience in communication in Shipping and Ship Repair. Our longstanding clients include entities such as Porto Petroli of Genoa, Ferfrigor, Soteco Group, Scerni Group, Ligurian Sea Port System Authority, and SeaQuest Ship Management.

For Ferfrigor for example, a Genoese company and world leader in refrigeration and air conditioning systems for yachts and cruise ships, we take care of online and offline communication. In particular, this year we produced a creative campaign for the 90th anniversary since our founding.

Communication in shipping: social networking for seawolves

For Ferfrigor, we are in charge of social communication, specifically
, with weekly content programming, in English and Italian. Posts and videos are interaction tools that we use to contact interest groups, communities, and potential customers.

Views on both pages have increased 350% in the last year alone. More and more followers are signing up for Ferfrigor’s social profiles to stay updated on missions and request information on services.

Stories of seafaring and other adventures

publishing project
is based on serialized stories, inspired by great adventure novels such as the
Moby Dick
by Herman Melville or
Gordon Pym
by E. A. Poe, and all those good reads that should never be missing from a true sailor’s cabin.

Through these stories, our communication in shipping illustrates Ferfrigor’s many activities to potential customers. We talk about customer care and aptitude for solving problems in any condition and at any latitude. Not surprisingly, we are talking about a company among the world leaders in the field.

For example, in the story devoted to the overhaul of an on-board air conditioning system on a cruise ship while sailing in the Arctic Ocean, we focused on several strengths and complexities in which the company operated.

Such as the ability to move to any part of the planet(all the way to the Pole). The promptness of the technicians who performed the review in navigation. Organizational efficiency that further reduced the time of the intervention by sending all the necessary spare parts before the arrival of the on-board technicians.

Communication for shipping brands seaworthy

Every communication, before being published, is agreed upon and approved by the client. This creates an effective and impactful flow while respecting corporate confidentiality.

This way of working was also used in the communication campaign for the 90th anniversary of the founding. The creative communication campaign is inspired by the founder’s family history. A module that enhances the historic commitment to marine protection and the corporate culture based on nautical values that have given Ferfrigor an established international reputation.

Through our creative advertising campaign, we have helped increase brand awareness in all target markets. We created visual and textual concepts playing with words and images by involving the client’s team from the creative stage.

Antique wood, new flag

We planned and implemented the re-branding, applying the guidelines to all sales channels, from the new corporate website to institutional online and offline materials. We took care of the plant sign, uniforms and fleet decoration.

The goal of the re-branding was to actualize the corporate image in the sign of perceptual continuity, through graphic-stylistic references to the historical period of the founding (1930s).

To continuously increase organic search engine rankings(results on specific searches with high conversion rates), we constantly curate SEO.

The increase in qualified traffic was 100%.

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