An evocative video for the Green Logistic Valley project

As part of the important Green Logistic Valley project , Mercomm staff has created an evocative video, the purpose of which is to take the user on a journey from the sea to the Third Pass construction site. The goal of this production is to bring to life a real-life vision of the ambitious Valpolcevera backport development project, created by Studio Sibilla for Spediporto.

In this video, the challenge was to create a “gateway” effect between the actual situation, resorting to drone footage, with simulated “end of work,” matching the two points of view so as to construct an experience that did not interrupt the imaginative flow.

There is a lot of long and complicated work behind a video: in the case of this production for Spediporto, we combined the synergies of several professionals to give a vision of the Green Logistic Valley and its future configuration. In particular, we had to integrate different portions of 3D reconstructed landscapes with aerial footage taken with a drone.

Green Logistic Valley: the project

The video project was presented last May 2023 as part of the Spediporto Members’ Public Meeting, held in Genoa at the Sala delle Grida of the Palazzo della Borsa, and tells the story of the Green Logistic Valley project.

This project for the Valpolcevera provides a natural continuation of the port infrastructure and the main connection with Northern Italy and Europe. It is also the main dock of the city’s brownfields: this is precisely why an initiative has been implemented that aims to transform and enhance the Genoese port and has a major green impact.

The impact of a professional video

To give voice to this relevant initiative, Mercomm made this emotional video. Then again, nowadays we live immersed in the world of social where images carry a lot of weight and sometimes say more than words. It is essential for companies to use video language to communicate, effectively telling their story and projects.

If you would also like to rely on a team of experts to film an initiative of yours or tell your reality in front of the camera, contact Mercomm.

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