Mercomm Illuminates Chiavari: Discovering the Historic Center

In the Heart of the Past: A territorial marketing project for the city of Chiavari.

In a small town nestled between the Ligurian hills and the sea, Chiavari’s Old Town hid treasures waiting to be discovered. Its churches, historic buildings, and quiet alleys told stories of a glorious past, but remained a well-kept secret, hidden from the eyes of visitors and even some residents.

Our communications agency had the honor of collaborating with the City of Chiavari to unveil these wonders through an ambitious cultural journey.

Guiding Exploration: The Volume “Chiavari Historic Center – Cultural Itineraries” and the tour through the streets of the “Citadel”

In order to offer a deep understanding of the territorial heritage, we made a bilingual guide volume, Chiavari Old Town – Cultural Itineraries. This book, enriched with color photographs and detailed maps, encapsulates page after page of texts from the information panels installed among the city’s streets to invite citizens and tourists to explore the historic center.

This project has transformed the streets of chiavaresi into an open-air museum, where every corner reveals a new discovery. With pride, we have contributed to enhancing the cultural heritage of this city, making it accessible and fascinating for all.

Thank you for entrusting us with your story. It was an unforgettable trip to the heart of your city.

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