Communication and Magazine Publishing: Mercomm for Beigua Park

One of our clients is the
Beigua Park
. We at M&R are in charge of publishing its seasonal magazine, where all the most important park events of that period are collected. We curate, therefore, its printed communication through an
institutional communication
in the form of a “newsletter.”

The magazine "Beigua Park"

The “Beigua Park” newsletter, where you can find all the information pertaining to the GeoPark for the coming season, thus comes out every three months to coincide with the change of season, and is also available free of charge on the Park’s website.

Within the magazine we include theinsert, also of our own making, “Vivi Beigua,” where all the seasonal events of the individual municipalities that are part of the Park Authority are listed.

Beigua Park is one of the most important parks in Liguria. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2015, it has been included by the organization in the prestigious list of Global Geoparks, along with Pollino National Park, Adamello-Brenta Natural Park, and Cilento and Valle di Diano National Park (just to name a few).

Beigua GeoPark covers nearly 40 thousand hectares in the Ligurian territory between the provinces of Genoa and Savona. It represents an area made up of 10 municipal territories (Arenzano, Campo Ligure, Cogoleto, Genoa, Masone, Rossiglione, Sassello, Stella, Tiglieto, and Varazze) and owes its name to Mount Beigua, a 1265-meter-high mountainous relief of the Ligurian Apennines that rises on the Ligurian-Paduan watershed.

The Park is a protected area where biodiversity is protected and thrives.

There are, for example, numerous geological heritage conservation and enhancement initiatives that are part of a broader strategy of natural and cultural-historical heritage protection. The primary goal of GeoPark has always been the conservation of natural resources in accordance with the socio-economic activities of local people.

Daphne of Beigua Park

Within its borders, you can find rare species of fauna and flora, some even considered endangered. Here you can come across wolves and deer or admire the elegant and colorful Daphne and the carnivorous Drosera rotundifolia.

What makes the park unique (and deserving of being considered one of the most beautiful in our region) is the variety of natural environments it houses within it. From the mountains to the sea, from the countryside to the mountain prairie. Therefore, the enormous biodiversity within its protected area is not surprising.

The Beigua Park, precisely because of its importance, deserves an institutional communication that enhances its strengths, beauties, and peculiarities and incentivizes citizens and tourists to visit it and understand the importance of respecting nature. Also through the publication of informative and informative print magazines.

Drosera rotundifolia

In the magazine publication that we produce for the Park, we at Mercomm try to include all of this. Along with all the events and appointments organized by the Park Authority, we want to convey the values of the Park itself by producing efficient and incisive graphics.

Taking care of the publication of a magazine on behalf of a client takes time and planning.

You have to study composing design of the inserts, where to place the various information, which news items to highlight and which ones, on the other hand, to place on secondary pages, or which colors to use to make the best of the layout and the subject matter you are dealing with.

Painstaking but rewarding work that we at Mercomm carry out with professionalism and passion.

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