Communicating an event: security Counts

The world of in-person events has radically changed. Our mission, as a Communication Agency, is also to accompany our clients in the course of fairs, events, presentations. Not only that report an event To the general public then. To meet the specific needs of the organizer, it is also necessary to provide him with a set of management tools. So that it is the successful outcome of the event that speaks for him.

Pursuing the good old principle of marketing-oriented
, MeRcomm thus aims to return a serious and professional image of its customers to the public. For this purpose, we know that a communication agency cannot just print Roll Up and produce brochure graphics.

Knowing how to communicate the value of a project also means returning its best image to clients.

Organization, security, orderly flow management and benchmark statistics are therefore indispensable elements when it comes to event staging.

And that’s where the Count-Accesses. An app developed by the company Techmakers and distributed in Italy by our Communication Agency. Why did we decide to invest in a people-counting app?

One app, a thousand apps

MeRcomm wanted to enrich its services with.
Conta-Accessi, a people-counting app
Which has a dual functionality. First and foremost, this integrated system is a functional tool that is indispensable for safely managing the event. Not least, the use of a specially developed app also reinforces the authority of the organizers, thus ensuring a double return in terms of image.

Over 700 events in attendance, nearly 4 thousand users registered for the service and a spread across nationwide. Beyond the numbers, the success of the live appointments we have accompanied with our app is the most valuable feedback for this doubly functional app.

Any examples of the events that have chosen the Count-Access app to safely welcome their guests?

Artusiana Festival

For the second consecutive edition, the
Artusiana Festival of Forlimpopoli
(FC) has chosen Conta-Accessi as its entry management for a plaza full of history and taste. The event, which had more than 35,000 attendees in 2021, is a summer festival that filled Malatesta Square from July 31 to August 8. An event of food, entertainment and music dedicated to the scholar and gastronome Pellegrino Artusi, to celebrate the bicentennial of his birth that occurred in Forlimpopoli itself.

Staff monitored, recorded and managed access through the eight gates located in the central square of the municipality. MeRcomm took the opportunity to communicate the event of the
Artusiana Festival
also through the privileged channel of our

registered online newspaper LiguriaDay

From the Middle Ages to the Present: Volpiano

For years, the Municipality of Volpiano (TO) hosts the
Medieval festival dedicated to the De Bello Canepiciano
. A historical re-enactment of the Canavese War, which took place in Volpiano itself in 1339. The event, which returned to the square on Sept. 11 and 12, is named after the work of the same name by Pietro Azario and brings to life a cross-section of the era of ladies and knights.

For an entire weekend, the Middle Ages meet 2021. The moments of the
historic battle of Canepiciano
come alive again, thanks to a virtual tour, a free app and an integrated access control system promoted through our People Counting App. The result? A large but orderly turnout, controlled at the access gates and recorded through data and statistics invaluable to the organizers.

Also in this case, we reported on it in our masthead.

Spumantitalia National Festival 2021

From July 2 to 4, 2021, the enchanting Venetian shores of Lake Garda hosted the third edition of the

National Spumantitalia Festival


Bubbly lovers didn’t miss the opportunity–and neither did we 😉

Through the Conta-Access app, the event could be held safely and in full compliance with anti-covid regulations. The orderly management of flows prevented queues from forming at the entrance.

The statistics collected by the app also enabled organizers to record data and information on attendance: What were the busiest times? What are the favored gateways? Where has the most tail formed? How many hits in a day?

An invaluable reservoir for those who are always planning new initiatives.

The Art of Communicating an Event

Among the private organizers and public entities that have already chosen (and re-chosen) Conta-Accessi for influx management is also the International Fair of the White Truffle of Alba, the Restival, the Lucca Comics, the City of Bari and so many others.

Do you want to find out more?

Learn here about the features and benefits of Conta, the people counting app distributed by MeRcomm

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