App Counts Access: from April to October, a tale of safe openings

We all wish to return to hugging each other, meeting to laugh together or doing business. But to dream the future, one must analyze the present. Here is a tale of safe openings, featuring our Access Counting app.

A cloud-based application and system that has been in existence for more than four years and has proven to be a winning solution with the April reopenings.

We tell you how

The app
Access Counter
is the cloud-based system for regularizing the flow of people in and out of public places where there are multiple gates.

The app, which can be downloaded to cell phones, works with both stewards and pillars
Monitbar for automatic passage counting

Monitbars function like traffic lights with colors indicating the possibility of entry, or with cameras or laser scanners that cause the current capacity of the room and the maximum capacity that can be reached to appear on the installed monitor.

With Conta Accessi, one can control the flow of people in places with many entrances or exits: from the entrance of a shopping mall to an international trade fair, from parishes to squares.
  • One of the most important events where Conta Accessi was successfully used was the Artusiana Festival in Forlimpopoli. An international cultural and gastronomic event in honor of one of our greatest Italian chefs,Artusi. Held in August, the event came to count more than 15,000 people.

As early as May, soon after the lockdown, the Conta app was in demand by large territorial entities for its potential, increasing sales exponentially

  • The Carabinieri, Civil Defense, and Municipal Police of the City of Bari, for example, have used Conta-Accessi to manage access to public and private areas of municipal markets, cemeteries, and parks! To do this, because of the large number of events they count at the same time, they installed a dedicated server where they kept all the data and statistics collected by the software. The system is still operational today.
More tales of safe openings with the Count Access app
  • The Friuli Venezia Giulia floriculture event was one of the first large turnout events to be organized immediately after the start of Phase 2.
  • Count Access is also used by several event organizers. Here we mention the
    Seven Group
    , event services and logistics, which relied on us for the Al Mèni food event in the City of Rimini.
  • The Municipalities of Milan and Brescia have also relied on Conta-Accessi since June to regulate the flow of people at the entrances to local markets. The Milan market, organized in the commercial area, hosts as many as 117 stalls, while the Montichiari (Brescia) Weekly Market has a turnout of about 1,600 people thanks to its 12 gates, all of which are simultaneously controlled by Civil Defense, Carabinieri and Alpine troops.
  • Churches and religious brotherhoods such as the St. Helena committee that managed to get 800, and only 800, worshippers into St. Helena Square in Quartu, Cagliari, on Sunday, Sept. 13, 2020, for the Solemn Mass in compliance with COVID-19 pandemic prevention regulations.
  • The Nice Antiques Market, which, with more than 350 exhibitors and three access gates, attracted an average of 500 people per day.

Who doesn’t know the famous “Lucca Comics and Games?”

The nation’s largest event dedicated to comics, board games, video games, anime, manga, drawing, and cosplay-before it was permanently canceled due to the second wave of Covid-had decided to rely on the Count-Access app.

After all, App that wins doesn’t change!

In fact, the organizers of Lucca Comics and Games had already used Counts in 2019 to tally the number of fans attending the event. In just one day (the fair lasts 4 days) there had been 158,682 entries at once!

Everyone, but really everyone, has come to appreciate Counting-Access.

Also involved were the previous positive experiences Conta boasted even before the arrival of the pandemic.

Sports facilities, retailers, social cooperatives, fairs, beaches, Christmas markets, businesses, food courts. The list of entities interested in Conta Accessi is long and continues to grow longer every day.

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