Building a website: Mercomm for The English Conversation Club

How much work is behind a website?

Nowadays, creating a website may seem like something quick and easy, a task that can be solved in a few clicks. Here, it’s not like that. Or rather: not so if the goal is to create a dynamic, unique, and above all, functional site for its purpose.

In these few lines, we will explain some parts of the production process behind the creation of a website, and we will do so by recounting the work done by our communications agency for the
English Conversation Club
. A true institution in the field of foreign languages, who entrusted us with the reinvention of his page.

Building a website: where do you start?

It all begins with the collection and organization of materials. This is the first, basic, inescapable step. A map of the existing site is drawn up, to which the conceptual map of the upcoming address is then put side by side.

A site based on functional sample surveys that is easy to explore and customer-oriented. This last concept deserves special attention.

The systematic error found in almost all websites assembled by inexperienced clicks is that they follow the logic of those who created them, instead of being designed and structured with the people who will visit them in mind. That is, customers.

This process of immersion is essential to the development of an effective site, as it involvesorganizing the flow of communication that will improve the visitor experience and, consequently, the company’s results.

Once the story and the way it will be told have been decided, the basic structure that will house it is chosen. Let’s talk about the layout, which is the layout that will contain the new materials.

In the case of English Conversation Club, in addition to the texts corrected and reinvented by copywriters, Mercomm’s creatives came up with an all-new graphic line and designed specific images for each curriculum.

In addition, the old logo was revisited and matched with the modern fabric of the new address.

Another essential step was to create a specific form for each offer. A mechanism to simplify the interaction between the customer and the company.

In fact, every request made by the customer is received and collected in the appropriate section. In this way, request recognition is automatic, response time is immediate, and customers are more satisfied.

How long does it take to make a website that takes into account the needs of the customer?

Answering this question is by no means easy, since the time frame for implementation can vary from agency to agency. In the case we have just described to you, the time it took Mercomm to create a functional site with attention to every detail was only fifteen days.

In this case, we accelerated the time to meet the client’s special needs. On average, 60 days to delivery is appreciated.

What is important, however, is that a site
is never really finished
. A serious and professional communications agency accompanies its clients even after they go online, with changes, market analysis, information gathering, and continuous updates.

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