#Megxit, from the Royal Family to Instant Marketing.

A veritable media earthquake has shaken the British Royal Family in recent days, hit hard by what, ironically, the web has already dubbed #Megxit.

For those who missed it, a few days ago Prince Harry of England and his consort and former actress Meghan Markle decided to leave Britain and the hottest royal family of the moment to start a new, simple life in Canada.

A bold choice that many read as a challenge by the newly appointed Duchess to the Family’s aristocratic rigidity, a shake-up internationally that many brands did not miss.

What is Instant Marketing?

Instant marketing is among the
Social Media Marketing strategies
, and it is the ability to take the ball and use an event to one’s advantage, focusing on speed of use. Because, you know, in the internet age even the most shocking news is forgotten in a matter of hours.

If you haven’t figured out what it is yet, here are some examples!

The #Megxit explained in Marketing


Ikea and #Megxit

Dem Supermarkets


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