LED billboard screens: when are they a smart investment?

6×3 LED billboards have a high value, especially. Let’s see why the LED billboards on the road are a strategic investment for businesses and companies that want to establish their presence in the area.

Outdoor led screen: the advantages

The best marketing and promotion strategy for one’s brand is one that can combine multiple tools in a functional and coordinated manner. Starting, certainly, with the
creation of an effective corporate website
, promoted through a
structured social media campaign
paid sponsorships

These elements thus provide a good foundation for one’s marketing, but they need ad hoc additions that take into account the specific needs of brands. If the company’s business is strongly rooted in the local area-or would like to be-it is therefore essential to broaden the sounding board. By juxtaposing, to the digital presence, a physical presence as well.

Projecting the brand logo, one’s claim, an ad on a LED billboard means:

  • Physical presence on the ground
  • Authoritativeness of one’s brand
  • Impactful visual communication

An outdoor led wall projects a message in front of everyone’s eyes that, due to the nature of the instrument, must be concise, immediate, and impactful. Our Communication Agency’s team of graphic designers provides the client with visual materials, while the brand strategist defines the screen objectives together with the client.

When to resort to billboards?

Choosing to entrust one’s communication to an LED screen requires a double investment. On the one hand, the rental of advertising space offered directly by the municipality or a private party. On the other, the graphic design of highly identifying postcards, logos and images.

This investment proves particularly useful in some cases. First, the big screen is most effective for launching a new product or service. In this contingent, the purpose is not to present the specific features of the novelty, but to imprint in the audience’s mind an announcement that creates interest, curiosity, suspense.

LED screens are then crucial, as mentioned, when you want to establish your brand identity on a territorial level. This is the case for entities that operate in local contexts, but also for international companies that want to reaffirm their roots.

Telling a company on screen: the case of Freight Forwarding

One of the successful application cases of this scheme is the led wall project carried out for
. Italy’s first shipping association wanted to tell its identity right where its heart beats: in the port of Genoa.

Together with the client, for whom we have been a partner in communication management for many years, we then designed a communication campaign that included maxi LED advertisements. The purpose: an impactful and effective narrative of the various realities that make up the
shipping company

The screens selected for the project occupy prominent positions in two of Genoa’s main focal points: Piccapietra Square e Via San Vincenzo. For each crossroads, we made two maxi LEDs, 720 x 288 and 640 x 384 pixels respectively.

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