The online positioning of a pharmacy through site, SEO and social

How do you manage the positioning of an online pharmacy? We explain our communication strategy, through the case study of Canobbio Pharmacy.

The first place to start is the website, which must be well structured and with up-to-date information.

The pharmacy should be easily located on Google Maps, communicating hours, shift openings or overtime closures.

For theacquisition of new customers, it is then useful to enhance the services offered on a rotational basis: medication reservation by mail, home delivery, etc.

Often, however, before doing all this, it is necessary to “tidy up” the client’s brand.

Inconsistent page names, duplicate pages, loss of access, and undefined pharmacy logos are some of the most common issues.

Managing a pharmacy’s social media is a complex task

For good positioning of a pharmacy, communication must be fast, impactful and targeted. We need to attract users’ attention with fresh and original content but also responsible content especially in the current health situation.

At Mercomm we know this, because we put it into practice every day for the positioning of Dr. Gronda’s Canobbio Pharmacy

We manage the pharmacy’s online communication in all aspects, including the website, social profiles on Facebook and Youtube, and information on Google Business.

We started with its strengths: a galenic pharmacy in Genoa’s historic center, also specializing in the sale of natural products for children and animals.

We proposed and implemented, in consultation with the client, an editorial strategy that would enhance its special features. We thus planned social programming by mixing video productions, product advertisements, and the storytelling of the processing that takes place in the galenical laboratory.

During the summer season, we used additional tools, carrying out a specific campaign and publishing content in English and French as well, given the high number of foreign tourists in the city.

At Mercomm, we understand that taking care of a pharmacy’s communication and positioning means more than just helping it acquire new customers. It also means extending the service of those who are on the front lines of our health care and well-being every day.

Want to strengthen your pharmacy’s online presence?

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