Ape Confedilizia Genova’s first online conference with Mercomm assistance

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Coronavirus emergency: Ape Confedilizia Genova alongside homeowners, condominiums, landlords and property managers.

The conference was organized by Ape Confedilizia Genova with thanks to the assistance of our communications agency.

Mercomm has been involved with this important entity for several years now, from creation to site management, with constant updating of news, article writing, press reviews, and design of content such as conventions and partnerships.

In addition, we curate the
Facebook page of Ape Confedilizia Genova
, creating content and posting it several times a week with reference to the services and initiatives carried out by the association. With the advent of the pandemic, we then helped them hold their first online conference.

This conference represented a very important event. Especially for condo administrators, left alone in untangling a sea of new decrees regulating the assembly of people or the sanitation of common areas.

So many questions: What to do if there is someone in the building under quarantine? How to do condominium assemblies? How to sanitize environments?

Therefore, the event could not be postponed. An online conference, in effect, offered possibilities that a live conference would not guarantee. Such as, for example, the participation of people living in other cities, from Venice to Padua, but not only.

The turnout, as of 4:30 p.m., is 70 people.

In an online conference, speakers use screen sharing tools, just as live would use a video projector. The speakers can be heard beautifully. The slides are managed by our staff.

Questions are asked in chat, and the moderator asks them directly to the speakers at appropriate times.

Mercomm followed the entire conference online from a technical standpoint, thus leaving Ape Confedilizia Genova free to focus on its goals

Our agency also took care of press releases and invitation through social media of possibly interested groups, such as condominium management groups.

Therefore, we drafted the invitation to the online conference and managed the sending of the link during the conference as well. Of course, we also provided the bureaucratic part of the platform, as well as trained the speakers on its use.

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It is 6:10 p.m. The online conference is over. Ape Confedilizia Genova greets its guests after a perfectly successful meeting.

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